How to make money online

make money onlineYou must have  heard a lot about people making money online. Is it true ?, this is the first question that will be asked by any one who is interested in online business. I would like to say that making money online is possible for any one who is having little knowledge and more interest in internet business.

It is not that you should start a serious online business to make money online. But sparing your leisure time in a rightful manner and with a plenty of freewares available over internet you can make money online

In this Tutorial I will teach you the elementary principles of making money online. In the coming sessions you will be guided to the advanced stage of setting up the online business seriously.

First of all I will tell you the resources which are freely available to make money online.

1. Publishing advertisement in your Website

Online advertisement is becoming an integral part of any company who maintain its online presence. If you have a website, you can publish their ads in your site and you will get paid for the same. Adsense, chitka, yahoo publishing network are some of the leading company who serve third party ads in your site. It is not necessary that you should create a website to run these ads, instead, you can publish these ads through your blog which can be freely made with blogger, etc. It is not at all necessary to register a domain name and host your hosting account for the purpose.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is another way to make money online. Here you register with any other site who sell their products and service, You will be given a unique link with an ID. If any one purchases their products or services through your link, you will be given certain percentage of their sales. In india, shaadi is an example for the same.

3. Online sales

Online sale of products through internet, shortly speaking e commerce is another way to make money inline. You can sell any thing over internet and make profits. It is not necessary that you should start a website to make money online. You can sell the products through third party site such as eBay, amazon, rediff etc. Even you can create your own site and the tutorials for the same will be published later.

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